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School Cold/Wood Glue  - Dala - 125 ml

School Cold/Wood Glue - Dala - 125 ml


Dala Cold glue is an acid free, non-toxic, liquid, white glue that is semi opaque when dry. It is a classroom favourite as it is value for money and lends itself to paper and cardstock projects. 

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    Dala Cold School Glue can be used straight from the bottle as is, or further diluted with water to decrease viscosity.

    Apply the glue in a thin even layer to one intended surface (best results are acheived with a glue roller), then press both sides / surfaces together. Roll out any excess glue with a clean roller and allow to dry. Drying times may vary depending on the thickness and application of the glue. 


    * Clean equipment with warm water while the glue is still wet

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