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Laser Cutting & Engraving

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Wooden Reindeer

How does it Work?

Using a CO2 Laser we can cut out and engrave a variety of shapes and images on store provided materials.


Materials can have varying qualities making them cut/engrave better or worse, hence the use of our own materials. Exceptions can be made on request. 

The cut / engraving cost is based on the material, size and time it takes to complete a design.

Additional costs are added for special requests such as adding glitter or spray painting the completed design.

How much does it Cost?

Image by AbsolutVision

Materials Available?

- 3mm, 6mm MDF board (wood)

- 3mm, 6mm perspex

- Romark

- Beermat

- Paper

- Leather

- Stencil Material

(contact us to find out the colours available)

What Do We Need From You?

  • A high quality image / drawing of the design to be cut and/or engraved together with some idea of the scale (e.g. height/width)

  • The material type, thickness and colour based on the selections mentioned above

  • The quantity you want

  • Any other details that we should be made aware of (e.g. font, spraypainted, glittered etc.)

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